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, and saying to each of us, "you can do it." >> she said it was difficult growing up without a father and credits her uncle was coming through and in praising her family. -- and praising her family. there was our sunday morning program on q&a. >> there is no one in the senate or house that is done more for human rights, civil rights, health and then senator ted kennedy. -- health than senator ted kennedy. if you look every year, there was a major bill dealing with us, having challenges in our community. senator kennedy was there. he was our champion. >> he also weighed in on the controversial rest of the baltimore orioles' rookie. -- the arrest of the baltimore orioles' rookie. the civil-rights leader called for better training for baltimore city policeman handling such a situation. -- baltimore city policemen and police such a situation. >> what a nice day today -- baltimore city policemen handling such a situation. here is what our satellite combination looks like right now. a little shower activity moves off of the beach, still around the cape hatteras area, and that is where the f
. >> it is good for the economy, good for our quality of life, good for the more sustainable future that all of us want to be able to create for the next generation. >> the governor is seeking federal approval and funding to build two new light rail projects. the 16-mile purple line would connect new carrollton to bethesda. the red line runs 14.5 miles. daily ridership is projected at 54,000. the governors' endorsement of the red line drew mixed reaction from a crowd he addressed at the rail station in west baltimore. [applause and boo's] >> the red line, also known as alternative for see, is opposed by several. >> we know that everybody is not going to like the plan. >> they are concerned the red line will divide it the corridor, opposing the single track tunnel, citing delays and possibly collisions. >> this is not a sound move by our governor. he has just put a lot of lives in danger. >> many oppose putting a port where the tracks, the ground. they say are not opposed to the mass transit the they want the red line built underground. >> the city spent millions of dollars beautifying boston backs
an investigation to see who approved the use. we have left a number of messages but so far there is no response. we are trying to track down the head of the state ethics commission. one man is dead and another hospitalized after an early- morning stabbing in college park. officers were called to check on to people in the 8900 block of rhode island ave. there is no word on the condition of the other men involved. the howard county sheriff's department is offering a $5,000 reward leading to the arrest of a prisoner that escaped custody. they have only received one tip. he was being transported thursday night when he used his handcuffs to choke a sheriff's deputy before fleeing on foot. if you have any information on his whereabouts, you are asked to call the sheriff's office. callers can remain anonymous. a truck carrying milk overturned and we were over the scene just after 10:30 a.m.. police say the driver was making a delivery to a local wipe -- local waffle house when it put a wire and overturned. there were no injuries. a 55-year-old woman was charged of operating a boat under the influence of o
in hagerstown hosted by democratic u.s. senator ben cardin. before the event, he told reporters he hoped the capacity crowd of 440 would honor the spirit of the town hall forum. >> it is not for demonstrations. it is to get information out, and we hope that those in attendance will be respectful of the people that are there and allow the questions to be asked. >> his office told us they tweaked the format to get in more questions from the crowd, a crowd repeatedly asked to calm down and be respectful, a crowd which kept cardin on the defense. >> how will you look at my children and tell them that they will have a better future? i am not going to vote for any bill that adds to the national debt. >> did the senate to change any minds? the post-game shows this crowd laughed as divided as it went in. >> center court and listen to us, but he did not hear us. -- senator cardin. >> i thought it was very well done. >> he had his mind made up before he got here. >> while some pundits have questioned the sincerity of the outrage and a genuine interest in all these town hall meetings, the numbers s
there was no need to taser her and her children during a traffic stop last year. >> county police used the taser and filed criminal charges against her for a rigorous six weeks ago she was found not guilty on the charges. good -- criminal charges against her. six weeks ago she was found not to be on the charges. >> i had wine at dinner, but that was it. >> it was a year ago. alicia was returning home from a family dinner when she ran through a police radar. police say she ignored their sirens. she said she could not hear it because her children were singing. she eventually did stop. she says the police officers angrily ordered her from the car. >> when he grabbed me from the car, he looked with a flashlight in my eye, and it shocked me, and my elbow not his flashlight out of his hands. >> she felt what happened next. >> of burning kind of electricity going through your stomach. i basically said, i cannot believe u.k.'s -- you tased me. they wanted me to take sobriety tests. i said no. when i said i was not going to take it, they said i was under a rust. >> she says police tried to handcuff her a
and medicaid. >> i think it is a fabulous legacy for him, and something all of us in maryland and around the country might be -- should be quite thankful for. senator ben cardin says that his skills were key to legislation that changed our nation for ever, including the civil rights act of 1964, the voting rights act of 1965, the americans with disabilities act, title 9, education reform, and increases in the minimum wage. >> these are legacies of senator kennedy. there are so many things we can look at in our daily lives where he had a positive influence. >> there are currently thousands of children enrolled in medicaid. reporting from the studio, wbal tv 11 news. >> and tonight, nbc nightly news will be extended to a full hour. it begins at 6:30. an in-depth look of senator kennedy's life and the impact he had over five decades. it is a full hour of nightly news, immediately following the newscast. >> into night's -- in tonight's project economy report, more than 200 state employees will lose their jobs. john sherman joins us with more. >> this is the sixth time this year the o'malley
county republican chair used his network of contacts to organize this vocal opposition at the town hall meeting. >> this was citizens who were upset with public policy and that rarely happens, especially not only in maryland but also nationwide, when citizens are upset with public policy. >> senator ben cardin got an earful from hundreds of angry constituents. >> i have done town hall meetings for a long time but i think this one is exceeded numbers we have seen it in the past. >> both sides seem to agree that the meaning behind this may trumped the motivation. >> it was an opportunity to exchange views. i had a chance to respond to the questions. >> anytime you can involve public opinion and debate, it is a wonderful thing. i would like to see more of it. >> both sides also note the debate will rage all summer long. an organization is mobilizing and declaring that "is getting ugly." the senator's office tells us that no tickets will be required for tomorrows meeting, you just have to show up and get in line. >> we would like to know where you stand on the health care reform issue. >> h
escaping custody. 20-year-old devin champagne was being channels importanted thursday night before he used his handcuffs to choke the deputy before fleeing. he visited his family but dependent stay long. if you have any information, you are asked to call howard county, police. efforts to close the state's $700 million budget shortfall could mean less money for local governments. today martin o'malley announced a recommendation from his budget secretary to cut $250 million to local governments. o'malley is scheduled to bring more than $400 million dollars in cuts this month. he made the announcement at the maryland association of counsell summer conference in ocean city. >> gorgeous saturday outside. a little butt of humidity, but not much. it is gorgeous to be outside. the radar picking up a few light rain showers down toward places like frostberg. not anticipating that to reach us here. temperatures, 87 in baltimore, 84 at b.w.i., 83 in dover and ocean city. we are still at 90 in frederick. for tonight, the clouds will clear out a bit. we could see a few areas with patchy fog as temperatu
you talk us through that? >> which one? >> well, okay, the second -- >> 17, i got in a bad spot. there's not many good spots there. we were debating whether to play it safe for the 4, but if i chipped it down to where greg is, it's not an easy two-putt. decided to go for it. i did a really good chip. and actually thought i lost it probably a little left. it hung on there. that's just a great feeling when you do a save like that. >> you had a tough finish at this championship a year ago. a little hardbreak last week. where's your gut going at it tomorrow? >> ready go. fired up. i'm playing really good. i'm having fun out there. i'm just trying to go at everything. and not be defensive. and, you know, i just want to play well. and go out there and just play to my ability. and if i do that and have fun, good things will happen. i can live with myself. >> you talk about not being defensive. where on this golf course do you think you need to be particularly aggressive? >> well, you've got to pick and choose. but the biggest thing for me is to try to keep it on play off the fairway and stay
, but that is nearly 200,000 fewer the memoir -- then there were in gen. -- ben there were in june. >> thousands of u.s. military men and women have been given a new opportunity to go to school. the new gi bill just went into effect and the idea is to offer soldiers a free college education. for years of tuition, housing and other fees. and there is a snag. >> already, there have been 100 students that say the new bill is a knockout, but it is too much for the va to handle. they are asking for some wiggle room when it comes to paying on that bill. >> the new post 9/11 gi bill has only been in effect for seven days and some say they already have concerns. the registrar in charge of registration benefits. >> we look at numbers that come out and we can see that the numbers are going up and up and up of claims that have been received but not yet processed. >> if they are not processed, students could see a delay in the number they are expecting to pay for books and supplies and tuition. the department of veterans affairs responded to this by saying that the va has reached out to demonstrate hamas flexibili
monoxide. nearly a dozen more people became victims this morning. kate amara has details for us. >> officials believe the culprit this time is a faulty hot water heater, but residents here want to know tonight what will it take for the company to fix what is wrong. neighbors believe in man's carbon monoxide detector saved several lives this morning. he called 911 this morning. >> i heard my alarm going off. i got my family out. the fire department came. >> he, his wife, and their four children were among the residents rushed to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. >> next door is where a very frustrated woman lives, saying she returned home from the emergency room to find nothing had been fixed and the property management refusing to install a carbon monoxide detector in the meantime. >> we have no hot water, no heat, or air we can use. we just went to home depot to buy ourselves a detector. >> she is fed up and finding herself a lawyer. she can't believe the company's refusal despite recent carbon monoxide scares and the company's inability to solve the problem. >> he wo
tell us they will be ready. it is other programs that will definitely feel the pinch. >> these cuts that are happening to every single local health departments are now cutting in. >> a health officer during an interview literally minutes after he told his staff 10% of them would be laid off, saving $800,000. his story is being told again and again all over the state assets of flu resurgence in looms over the horizon. he says it is a top priority, and county officials guarantee the resources will be there to respond. other health services will suffer greatly. >> of those things will clearly be affected by this. >> these are serious cuts. this is unprecedented and will have an impact. >> the secretary of public health services for the state says the state is filling the same pinch and will also be shifting money and resources to prepare for the possible resurgence. she also says the state will reach out to hospitals and insurance companies to help ease the burden. the state also expects a federal grant of $17 million that it will be able to distribute to local health departments. >> t
minutes. >> you can always follow the forecast by using our interactive radar. it allows you to track storms down your street. just log on to tonight a 3-year-old boy is dead, and the child care worker says it is an accident. >> it is hard to believe somebody would do something like that to a child. >> toys and other signs of young children are obvious of the house where police say the 3- year-old was murdered. >> the initial took place on august 7. the medical examiner ruled this the homicide. >> police were first called for a child abuse complaint. >> officers were able to learn a 3-year-old male had been reported having fallen downstairs to reagan medical personnel were not able to court -- corroborates that story. >> i heard it was a child. somebody told me the child fell down the steps or something. >> police say it was not a fall at all. it was murder. detectives interviewed the care giver of the child during the incident. now there are charges pending. >> tonight a 76-year-old man is in shock trauma, the victim of an attack this morning the victims are calling a hat
to try and figure out just what caused the crash. investigators have not given us any indication of how long it will be before they determine that cause. coming up at 11:00, we will have reaction from the owner of the airport about the man who was killed and the very latest on the investigation. wbal-tv 11 news. >> tragically in -- tragedy in the sky of new york city. michael bloomberg believes nine are dead after plane and helicopter collided in mid-air before falling into the hudson river. we have more from hoboken. >> the debt limit their collision between a tour helicopter rent small plane occurred mid day over the hudson river between manhattan and hoboken. >> sadly, it appears to was that this was probably not survivable. >> in all, nine people died, including five italian tourists on board the sightseeing helicopter and a child passenger on the plane. witnesses say the plane and helicopter were flying low over the water before the crash. >> looked like they collided. they hit the water. it got quiet. >> officials say the initial investigation shows the airplane might have hit the
, on msnbc, will continue. some stations may be leaving us now. but we ask all of you to have patience. we'll be back in a heartbeat. >> live, local, late-breaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6 in hd. >> a great statesman, loving dad. words today used to describe the ted kennedy. we watch washington as people from venerations honor him. mourners are lining the streets of the u.s. capitol, waiting for a glimpse of the motorcade carrying the body of the late december senator -- late senator. we will take a back to live coverage, but first, here is laurie kenny was a look at today's funeral service. >> ted kennedy often came here to arlington to visit his fallen soldiers and his brothers. now he takes his place next to them. >> edward kennedy spent more than half of his life in the city. mourners lined the street and the steps of the u.s. capital to bid a final farewell. it began on a cold, rainy day in boston. but inside the basilica of our lady of perpetual help, words for our statesmen and family man. >> i love you, dad, i always will. i miss you already. >> dad, you kept that promise, bot
last week. >> u.s. marshals tracked him to a creative hiding place. >> that these trends for thousands of people. local authorities say that he was holed up in a va home and that he was hidden so well, they had to take part of the house apart. >> it turned into a desperate grab for freedom. howard county sheriff's say that he was driving him last week and he made a brief for it. >> he overpowered the deputy. the jump out of the car and at that time, he fled. >> police scoured the woods and came up empty. thursday night, a tip led them to a home outside of richmond. marshall's found the convicts brother and women but it took several searches of the home to find the fugitive. bucs they saw something different and i felt wall and started to peel back portable wall and a gentleman was and there. >> meanwhile, howard county officials are still trying to figure out how he staged an escape while handcuffed and shackled in the back of a patrol car. >> this man did not want to be placed in the county jail and he decided to escape. we have now had the time to review to see if there was any polic
, which is good news. the stronger storms continue to be to the south of us. we are still running the risk or heavy rain later tonight and the potential for flooding. take a quick look at the flood watches in effect. they are up and down the i-95 corridor. most of maryland is now underneath that flood watch, which will last until midnight tonight. we will watch the storm track closely for the potential of isolated flooding and heavy rain is the biggest concern with the storms. we will have more on what to expect with the storms and how long the pattern will last, plus, what hurricane bill has in store for maryland on your full instaweather plus forecast. >> recent activity has prompted officials to place sandbags in lower-lying areas. they are being placed around the city dock area and at the second street pumping station. officials say they are also monitoring the status of hurricane bill, which is affecting the surf on the eastern shore and the chesapeake bay. hurricane bill passed bermuda with a glancing blow today. even though the storm is not expected to make u.s. landfall, the east c
agreed to testify after seeing the murder in an alley and watching a man hide again. he used an illegal cellphone 2 ordered a hit on the witness. the family says they hope they can forgive him one day. >> that one man looked at me straight in the face and it made me feel better. it made me feel like he was really listening to what i was saying i hope he does well. >> i pray for the family. always the family the best. >> that is his ogle. he hopes to get a ged and vocational training and participate in a drug and alcohol treatment program. once he is and -- once he is released, he will be on supervised relationship -- supervise the supervision. reporting live, barry simms, 11 news. >> police are searching for a suspect that has escaped. the 21-year-old was wearing handcuffs and leg restraints. he apparently used the handcuffs to choke a deputy and ran into some nearby woods. the deputy is being treated at the hospital. three vehicles were involved in a accident. two drivers were taken to bayview. there is no word on the extent of injuries or who was at fault. this afternoon, two cars cra
weeks ago. melissa carlson joins us with more. >> she spent most of our time talking about issues facing the senate and her constituents. >> she now has three very important tools to add to hurt supplies, her wheelchair, her black very, and her air cast. >> i now have this boot that the doctor convinced me would be a very therapeutic. i saw it as a way of kicking butt. >> she is not letting her broken and dislocated ankle get in her way of work. >> i will be voting for judge sotomayor to take her place on the supreme court. my vote will be cast for her, because i believe she has the right judicial experience. >> the senator said she has been keeping her eye on other major developments like "cash-for- clunkers" nearly running out of gas, and how the department of homeland security will release additional visas for workers, offering relief for maryland crabbers. >> i am so relieved that they found 20,000 of the special bezos. --. visas so they can come and help us through this season with our seafood industry. >> she also says if it were not for her care, she would not have been able to ge
. >> we did so that the scottish government does the right thing by as and by our children -- by us and our children. >> the scottish court will have a ruling in this case by the end of this month. >> we certainly want to know what you think. go to our website there you can leave your comments at the bottom of the story. >> a public which is going on right now for eunice kennedy shriver. thousands paid respects to shriver at merryl church in cape cod. among those present, dignitaries and ordinary citizens. fuel services will be tomorrow. nbc news will have more on tonight's week immediately following our newscast at 6:30 p.m. >> the trial of a village man is still rooting for closure after their loved one, john yates was hit by a driver of a white box truck. >> like we showed you at 5:00, the memorial for john yates remains here at the intersection of maryland and lafayette ave. at this point in the investigation, police tell us they have no clue as, no lead, no suspects. however, the family says a videotape obtained by a business in the area will hope -- hopwill help sh
are expected to show up tonight. kerry cavanaugh brings us team coverage. >> they have still not begun to let people into the auditorium, yet. your best bet is to stay at home. this is a ticketed events and we will let you know what happens at 11. all these people have been waiting, some of to an hour. it is quite a cross-section. you can see senior citizens, young parents, union workers, people who have good health care in people who do not. the turnout is so strong because this is such a personal issue that goes against it are afraid it will lose control over their doctors. meanwhile, reporters are tired of paying huge premiums. my son's prescriptions went sky high overnight. >> we will let you know -- it is real simple. you wanted to be more efficient and you want to be cheaper. so you want the government to do it? come on. >> the auditorium holds about 500 people. it is a ticketed events. we will bring you all the information at 11. >> baltimore is not alone. it is an board budget reporters on both sides of that issue that are -- reporters on both sides of that issue are encouraged to att
are providing bus passes that will be good for code red heat alert days. people can use the bus pass to get to a cooling center. we have six cooling centers at the community action centers. we also have cooling centers of all of the senior centers. >> the cooling centers are located at all community action centers and senior centers tomorrow and tuesday from 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. the bus passes are available at local fire departments, a senior systems -- senior centers, and other local agencies. >>> besides calling 31, you can also go to our web site for more information you confined the cooling centers open in your area. just go to >>> divers recovered a fifth body from the hudson river after the collision yesterday afternoon. the search continues for four others who are presumed dead. michele francis has the latest on the recovery efforts. >> one day after the collision, the crews lifted the wreckage of the helicopter. it was located -- it was moved onto a barge for the ntsb to search for evidence. >> the helicopter sustained significant damage. they will be exam
is used as a backdrop for the announcement. >> one got away with taking nine further days for the state of maryland. others are trying to cut back in other areas. >> we think this is the right time to show compassion what the same time collecting every penny that is due in taxes for the state. >> the amnesty program back in 1987 generated more than $30 million. it was tried again in 2001 and raised $39.5 million. o'malley initiative a parking amnesty program when he was mayor of all -- mayor of baltimore. >> this is vital revenue that will help us avoid making $1 million more in painful reductions and * think you -- in painful reductions. >> according to his office the comptroller of prefers going after tax cheats and hopes this program will not be done on a regular basis. ç>> prosecutors are rejecting claims that they have used the grand jury process and the indictment of mayor sheila dixon. >> robert robach has filed a response to the motion about subpoenas issued when the mayor was indicted back in january. robards says that the subpoenas were issued to gather evidence for a new in
us with the details on this. melissa? >> baltimore county officials are already answered questions about installing speed cameras at some 12 to 15 school zones, and that could happen as early as october. the county council will consider a bill authorizing the use of speed cameras. by law, they can on the used at school zones, and they will look at crash data, speed data, and citizen complaints. in all, there are about 250 in schools that are looking at in the county. cowhile an independent contractor runs the cameras and takes care of the costs, the police department also gets a cut. >> and this has been shown in other jurisdictions, locally and montgomery county, where in a six-month period of time, which is locally in montgomery county, -- locally in montgomery county, there was a reduction. >> there'll be 30 days of mourning before you actually get a ticket. of course, this is already quite to be decided tomorrow at the county council meeting -- there'll be 30 days of mourning -- warning. >> this past week, we learn that the nation's economic output or gdp is improving. they say
to appear in court tomorrow over a dispute over the family home. his divorce lawyer told us that the speed have been resolved. >> police are continuing their investigation after a woman was hit and killed on her way to church. barry simms has been following the story. he joins us live from police headquarters. >> police are not sure why many van went out of control on saturday and today we find out more about the investigation. >> it was shocking. there were no words to describe it. it was a horrible tragedy. to see her laying there helpless. >> witnesses say they heard a screeching sound and then a loud thump. the woman was standing on the sidewalk at the corner, preparing to cross the street to attend the church. >> right before week began mass, which offered a prayer for the person that was injured, and during the prayer, we all offered a special prayer for the person that was injured, not knowing that it was one of our own parishioners. >> the liz found a dark colored minivan that matched the vehicle description. the minivan was located in a parking lot about a mile away. >> i did not
to negotiate for their release. >> we could feel your love all the way in north korea. it is what kept us going in the darkest of hours. >> more details are emerging about their captivity. they were kept apart and poorly fed. >> she is really anxious to have fresh fruit and food. she was telling us about how there were rocks in her race. >> president obama think bill clinton and former vice president al gore. >> all american should be grateful to both former president clinton and vice president al gore for their extraordinary work. >> we have always considered that a totally separate issue. >> the secretary of state's -- the state department insisted that the high-profile visit does not set a precedent for dealing with difficult regimes. >> the state department says the north koreans made it clear that former president clinton was the one person that could get them out and president obama asked to go, but officials maintain this was a private humanitarian mission. >> there is continuing coverage of the freed journalists on our website. there you can see more of the video of them returning to th
. and then the champion heads to the boeing classic. nationwide tour in northeast pennsylvania. and we will be at the u.s. amateur championships. >> gary: we certainly will. one of my favorite events to do. >> dan: bob murphy won it in 1865 edition right there at southern hills. of course, so much great history there. the u.s. open championship there staged in 2001. 4:00 eastern time. we'll join you on nbc for that semifinal saturday. so if you continue to wait for cook and reid to arrive at the 18th. we'll show you the highlights from the final round today. this is mike reid's tee shot at the par 3 3rd. 188 yards. this is where reid started to get it going. coming off a birdie at the second. >> gary: beautiful shot there. >> dan: this was john cook's birdie at the fourth to get to 13 under. and he was within three. on the seventh tee after bryant made a couple of bogeys, he had cook trailing by just one. and this is what got him tied for the lead with bryant after this tee shot at the 206-yard seventh. >> gary: and john plays a beautifully high iron shot, within four feet of the hole. >> dan: a couple m
using the interactive radar. you can find a link on the home page. tonight, city officials are sorting out how the baltimore's mayor made to look like she stepped in the middle of british politics. the investigative reporter is live in the newsroom with that story. >> this involves the city's web site. it is quite a story when a british politician used "the wire" and baltimore as a point of reference. the story starts here. >> knives, guns, drug violence. >> the british parliament member bemoans that some parts of the country are now like "the wire. the gritty series set in baltimore focused on poverty, drug trafficking, and violence. his comments drew criticism, but the story got bigger when the british press reported that baltimore mayor sheila dixon joined the critics. they say the mayor calls the comments pointless. the website was fake. the perpetrator of the hopes simply copied the city's site to make it appear she had made the statement. >> he copied the source code of the web site which is basically impossible to prevent. >> it has cost the city time and money. the lawyers are
tried to run him over. gary sims joins us with more details. >> police were trying to get an arrest warrant when they heard about the latest robbery, and then the confrontation happened. >> like firecrackers. >> the owner wonders if the man killed in the parking lot was coming for a beer, but police wonder if he was actually plotting his next move. he was shot and killed while trying to flee from a police officer. >> the suspect that the, striking a police vehicle. the suffolk slammed on the gaf. >> the officer is a 16-year veteran who feared for his life. the thick of truck smashed into a parked car he was pronounced dead at the scene. >> nobody can go. >> police accused him of a rash of robberies very good he was accused as a suspect last saturday. they released photos and surveillance video. they believe he rob two restaurants. they say he either implied he had a weapon or pass a note demanding money. last week dave ran into him in his truck at night across the street from where he was shot and killed monday police say they are still looking for a woman who may have assisted in o
decisions ahead of us. basically, the governor is going to the board of public works, certainly over $400 million north of quds yesterday, announcing that $250 million would come from local government. there are a lot of tough decisions -- $400 million worth of cuts yesterday. there are some tough times, not unique to marriage. this is part of this global recession. -- not unique to maryland. it will not be easy. >> and if you would like to see the full interview with lieutenant governor brown, we posted it on our website on our homepage. and next sunday morning, our first lady of theé@ state wille here on august 23. if you have a question, senator was at our website. that is sundayquestions@wba l.co9m. ç--ç .com. the president is looking like he may have to bend but may still not win republican support with his health-care plan. brian mooar has this from washington. >> president obama visits the grand canyon. it is a fitting metaphor as he tries to bridge the chasm in the health care debate. in a wuertz town hall meeting on saturday, he tried to explain his plan and knock down the
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